4D BIM Integration

Users can now access more data within Evercam using BIM than ever before. Powered by Bentley’s iTwin technology, 4D BIM allows users to share and visualize a BIM model inside Evercam and easily switch between the model and a live camera view. Being able to visualise a BIM model within Evercam means that the model can be shared with anyone who has access to the camera to interact with.

“Your BIM model is the ultimate source of information about what should be happening on site. Evercam is the ultimate source of information about what IS happening on site” says Marco Herbst, CEO of Evercam “By bringing these two sources together and making it easy to switch between them we’re connecting the planners and the doers. We’re reducing delays and disputes and we’re delivering on our mission to increase productivity through team communications & site visualisation”



  • – The source of truth: A BIM model highlights what the status of the project should be according to the schedule, Evercam shows you where it actually is.

  • All Evercam users can now access and interact with a BIM model

  • Makes data more accessible and actionable to the entire project team than ever before

  • – Easily switch between the multidimensional model and the camera view

  • – All changes to a BIM model will instantly update directly within Evercam via the iModel Hub

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4D View Features

Compare what is happening onsite to the plan Zoom in and out & rotate around the BIM
Measure distances inside and outside the building Access all Evercam features through live camera view.

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