Evercam Capture – Turns your phone into an IP Camera – Connected to Evercam

Evercam Capture turns your phone into an IP Camera (actually 2 IP Cameras if you have 2 cameras on your phone) and connects them securely to YOUR account on Evercam.

The steps are easy:

Step 1: Download the App on to your phone

Step 2: Login to your Evercam Account (or create one if you don’t have one), and choose front or back camera.

Step 3: The app will identify your cameras and add them to your Evercam account:

Simple as that.

Then just go ahead and try calling the app using the API. For example, to get a snapshot, try:


The connectivity between your phone and our server is a secure port forwarding connection using SSH.

The API’s used in Evercam Capture were:

  • Evercam REST API  – Login, sign up, create and patch cameras.

  • Evercam API in Java – A Java wrapper around Evercam API that can be directly invoked in any Android/Java application.

Source code is free to use in Github, we are looking forward to get your feedback.