Herbst Insight ERP system integrates cameras using Evercam

Herbst Insight is a powerful ERP system popular in industries such as distribution, logistics, oil, quarries and agricultural produce has integrated cameras to critical control points within the software.

By making use of Evercam, Herbst Insight customers can now be confident that they can make use of any existing cameras for added security, transparency and accountability.

The workflow is simple, once a camera is added to Evercam, an Insight customer simply needs to enter their credentials to retrieve a list of cameras:

Now, any document can be verified with the addition of a timestamped image:

A user can quickly move from any event to the video of that event as it happened:

In the Products section, as each product is created, a full traceability record is automatically generated:

And finally, within Herbst Insight, a user can easily navigate to see all of their camera live views from within the application.

For more information or a demonstration, contact Herbst Software on http://www.herbstsoftware.com/,