The Irish Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund

The Irish Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund

We are delighted to announce that we have been approved for DTIF funding in a consortium with TU Dublin and GagaMuller Group. In total, the 3-year project will be worth almost EUR 3.8 million and the budget secures Evercam’s share in the grant contribution at EUR 840,000.

It is amazing to be among the 29 projects to be awarded major funding from the Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund (DTIF)  which is a €500 million fund established under Project Ireland 2040. A total of €95m will be awarded to the successful projects in this third call for proposals. 

We are the leaders in the computer vision for the construction industry, our speciality is turning video and images into useful information for the people working on a construction site. Construction is complex and mistakes are expensive. We believe that with better visibility of the project and better team communication the fewer things go wrong. Fewer disputes, fewer delays. 

Construction Communication Journey – from 2D drawing planning to real-time data & computer vision:

Construction Communication Journey

We look forward to spending the next 3 years building the next generation of Evercama platform to improve productivity on construction sites, and collaborating with GagaMuller Group and TU Dublin along the way. GagaMuller plan to develop their PlanLoader construction scheduling technology and SourceTrace sensors. 

The goal is to integrate our respective technologies and include even more data directly in the camera view. The research partners from TU Dublin’s School of Surveying & Construction Management, Alan Hore and Mark Mulville will help us better interact with the academia and the industry.