Drone View For Construction

Visualise a 3D reconstruction of your site using drone mapping. Unlock the power of drones for your entire project team.

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    Why Use Drone View on
    Your Next Project?

    Never miss an update:

    Assess the state of a construction site down to the finest details.
    Share the power of drone – All Evercam users can now access and interact with the 3D reconstruction.

    Compare progress:

    Easily switch between the 3D model and the camera view to cross-check the site’s current condition vs plan.

    Understand external factors:

    Access a detailed representation of the construction site and surrounding area.

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    Zoom in and out & rotate around the model.

    Remote Project Management:

    Measure distances, heights, perimeter and areas.


    A timeline is created to compare milestones and track on-site progress.


    Create annotations/tags on the model to highlight information.

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    All-in-one Reality
    Capture Platform

    Access all Evercam features through live camera view.

    Evercam provides a visual timeline, Switch between, fixed position cameras, drone mapping, and 360 images and compare them with a 4D BIM plan all from one central location.

    Integrate with any construction software you are using on your projects. Evercam is the visual hub of all project data.

    Bring multiple sources of reality capture and other project data into one space and communicate better from your phone, tablet or computer.

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      Other Features

      Project Management Software Integration

      ANPR Improving Management & Construction Site Security

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