Founded in 1848, the RIAM is Ireland’s national music conservatoire. It RIAM provides the highest standards for pre-college, undergraduate, and postgraduate musical training. RIAM’s nationwide music and drama exams evaluate and encourage the learning and growth in the island of Ireland of young performing artists and their dedicated teachers.

After a 24 million euro renovation of its Dublin campus on Westland Row, the Royal Irish Academy of Music will almost double the number of students to make Ireland’s longest-established music conservatoire fit for purpose.

When state-of-the-art facilities for the preparation of future generations of musicians reopen in late 2021, numbers will jump to 3,000 pre-college attendees and 250 at full-time degree students after renovation.

The present poor-quality modern additions will be knocked behind the historically protected terrace that will be preserved and a new building of 4,394sq m will go back as far as Cumberland Lane, marrying the rich legacy of the Georgian Quarter with cutting edge modern design.

Floor Plan of Royal Irish Academy of Music

A purpose-built opera studio and rehearsal space will be included in the renovated campus; 75 teaching rooms with flexible, adaptable acoustics; a state-of-the-art library; a sound arts centre for electronic composition; a 60-seat lecture hall; a music therapy facility; and a more open wheelchair user entrance. A new 300-seat concert hall will also be in operation.

Camera View of RIAM Construction Site